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Luke Fuel in Calera, OK is a family-owned-and-operated company dedicated to providing petroleum products, fuel line service for gas stations, and liquid feed for farms. We have been serving Durant, OK and its surrounding areas within a 50-mile radius since 1962.

Petroleum Products

The fuels we offer are pure, quality gasoline and diesel. One of our best products, which is the Power-Max premium diesel, helps:

  • Clean Fuel Injection Systems
  • Minimize internal diesel injector deposits caused by carboxylate salts and lacquers
  • Eliminate external deposits caused by thermally stressed fuels
  • Prevent filter plugging caused by coking of the fuel
  • Restore thermal and oxidation stability of ULSD fuels
  • Increase cetane for quicker ignition and a more efficient fuel burn
  • Prevent Formation of Black Sludge
  • Restore Lost Horsepower to Engine's Rated Performance
  • Extend Filter Life 3-5 Times Longer
  • Replace lubricity level of sulfur lost in the hydrotreating process of ULSD
  • Restore fuel economy to new engine performance levels
  • Eliminate Steel Corrosion Caused by ULSD
  • Create an added layer of moisture control to minimize moisture issues

Line Service

The fuel line service that we provide includes cleaning, repairing of pump dispensers, and monthly inspection and monitoring of full-service pumps in gas stations.

Liquid Feed

Luke Fuel is also a registered distributor of QLF. We deliver to your farm and fill your mills.


Fuel & Tank Sales

We provide 100% premium diesel fuel. Luke Fuel offers tanks for sale or lease.

We Value Integrity

Our company always employs an honest and transparent approach when serving our clients.

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